Shopping in Sutton Benger

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Shopping in Sutton Benger

Kellys 1859

With the closure of the Post Office, there are now no shops in Sutton Benger, and it’s hard to believe that this village was once a self-sufficient community with a variety of thriving shops. In 1990, the corner shop and the garage were still trading, as well as two public houses, The Wellesley Arms and The Vintage, and a smart hotel, The Bell. The Vintage public house became La Flambé in 2002. The building dates back to 1726 and was built by the grandfather of Joseph Fry, the founder of 'Fry's Chocolate'.

Kellys 1920

Kelly’s Directory of 1939 gives a picture of the commercial variety in the village. There was a general grocer, a butcher, a dairy and a bakery, as well as a range of trades supporting the local economy: a builder, a carpenter, a wheelwright and a blacksmith. There was also a draper, selling household linens and fabrics, similar to a modern haberdashery but meeting local requirements. In addition, there was a doctor’s surgery in The Bell [although treatment had to be paid for], and a Post Office. The enclosed images show the changes in shops in Sutton Benger from 1859 to 1920 to 1939.

Kellys 1939

Increased population due to housing developments in the village, the advent of supermarkets and the wider availability of cars and public transport all contributed to the demise of these businesses, and they are now all private houses. As you walk around the village or follow the High Street / Chestnut Rd trail, some of these past businesses are reflected in the names they now bear.

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